Let me give you the outline of my Sims 4 experience. I made a perfect representation of myself, gave myself an awesome wife and became rich as fuck off of writing. I had 6 kids, a mansion, and a prized garden for some reason. When I was done playing me, I chose my favorite child and made him a star athlete and gave him 3 sons. I chose the best looking of those sons and made him a thief. His name was Barney. Barney went on to have 36 children with 21 different woman. He never moved out of his studio apt I built him…. Sims 4 is easy enough to comprehend. You make a person, and you live that persons life like a god. Almost anything is possible in this game (as you can tell from my experience). You will get massively addicted for 3 days, then you won’t touch it again for 6 months, this cycle repeats forever. I love Sims, It doesn’t claim to be anything it is not. It’s a simulator that cost a shit ton of money, with expansions that cost even more money. BUT, it’s a guilty pleasure for me, and chances are it is for you too.