Just in case people don’t read these all the way through I will start out by telling you that I HAVE NOT LAUGHED SO MUCH IN A LONG TIME. There, if you choose to read the rest or not at least you know you should see this movie. Trainwreck stars Amy Schumer as a woman who likes sleeping around and won’t date. Bill Hader plays a sports doctor, who is best friends with LeBron James, who ends up dating her. It sounds pretty conventional, and it is, but that doesn’t matter if the writing and jokes are this solid! I loved this movie! I loved that it went all out with every joke, not afraid to push that R rating. I loved John Cena and the way he didn’t realize everything he did and said was very gay. I even loved the shitty fake movie they got Daniel Radcliffe to do in this movie! I’ve always liked Amy Schumer, but not the stuff she did, maybe this will be a change!