So I am a completely straight man, but Zac Efron is a god. I’m serious, have you seen Neighbors?! Anyway, We Are Your Friends stars Zac Efron and some other people that I don’t know in L.A. Efron plays Cole Carter (I had to look that up), a 20-something guy that lives with a bunch of his friends in the valley, and is a DJ. From what I can tell, Cole complains a lot about living not quite in L.A and needs to be IN L.A. He strives to do this by being a DJ, while his friends strive to push him so when he is big they can live in his guest house (I’m guessing). It sounds like I am ranting, which I kind of am cause the story seems kind of bland and boring. But, who knows?! This could be extremely fun, it could have some hidden heart. It seems to have an interesting thing where he tries to get original sounds. Honestly though, I’m not very excited, but I have been wrong before.