Equally sad and beautiful, X by Ed Sheeran is still getting listened to and talked about as much now as when it first came out. Hitting subjects such as cheating, love, friendships, and family Ed Sheeran entranced all of us with this relaxing album. I am a big fan of Ed Sheeran, the first time I heard him was with his song I See Fire at the end of The Hobbit movie. The movie may have been shit but that song stuck in my head and I looked him up as soon as I got home, I’ve been a fan ever since. Besides the attitude and down to earth nature of Ed that makes him so likeable, what I find really comes out in this album is his range. In X especially you see that he can sing beautifully whether it be soft or powerful, all the way to rapping (or “singer with a flow” as he puts it.) I don’t do music reviews often, but I doubt a music review will ever be as positive as Sheeran made this one.