Modern Family TV show review


Modern Family. One of my favorite pilots of any shows is the Modern Family pilot. The pilot shows 3 strange families, all vastly different and all equally as strange. You see their everyday life, rushing around to get to a party. There is the everyday family, a married couple with 3 children, strict mom and fun dad. Then there is the wealthy retired man with his hot young wife and her son. Then the gay couple looking to adopt their own child soon. It is not till the end of the episode that we see that all of these people are in the same big, happy, dysfunctional family… and I LOVE that. Modern Family is 6 seasons in now and still one of my favorite shows! I like watching kids grow up over they years, dynamics change, bonds form and break… family life in general! Modern Family has all that wrapped up in a wholesome, heartfelt, family comedy.

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