Stonewall trailer review


This review is most likely going to be seen as very controversial, but also very true. I am a supporter of gay rights. But, I am tired of all these rushed as hell movies SUPPORTING gay rights. Not because they support gay rights, but because they are nothing more than cash grab movies that have been rushed into theaters. They all look shitty, please make a GOOD one right now. Anyway, on to Stonewall. Although Stonewall doesn’t seem that good by the trailer, it also doesn’t necessarily look bad. Sure, the story was butchered and whitewashed but that doesn’t mean it will be a bad movie! What worries me is how little we see by the trailer, I couldn’t tell you anything except it is about gay rights, and this kid. It’s based on a true story, bu from what I read it is nothing like the story. the song is good though I suppose… This has the ability to be good, I was mildly intrigued, more than anything though they need a movie that will do this cause justice.

One thought on “Stonewall trailer review”

  1. That’s something I don’t get. Hollywood insists time and again that they’re SOOOO diverse and equal opportunity but they always cast the same attractive white cis actors. Go effing figure.

    Besides, as far as Roland Emmerich is concerned I have a hunch that this is just a way for him to say “See? The extent of my inclusiveness is more than just a black lead actor in Independence Day.” Not buying it.

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