The Step Up series in very interesting. Step Up started as a really good movie, with a great story line and a backdrop of dancing. After the first movie the story lines have gotten progressively more unbelievable, and with that the acting has gotten progressively shittier. I’m OK with that though. Step Up 2 will always be my all time favorite dance movie and Step Up, but this one is a close second (Having Moose at the end gives it major points). Revolution follows Sean and his group of dancers called The Mob that are competing to be the first video on Youtube with 10 million hits (Gangnam Style has 2 billion). When an “evil” business man threatens to tear down their part of the city they will defeat him with the power of dance, with the help from is only daughter! (*GASP!*)… Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it? Well it is. Every Step Up movie has the exact same formula. Something bad happened and now the poor guy/girl will team up with the guy/girl that has had an easier life to defeat said bad thing with their rag tag dance team. WHO CARES!? I didn’t watch Step Up Revolution for the Oscar winning performances and brilliant story line! I came here to hear cool music and watch some kick-ass dance moves, and god damn did I get that!