League of Legends game review


I’m going to be very honest. I am terrible at League of Legends, just absolutely awful. I have 1 character I am good at and 3 that I don’t completely suck at, but I have an understanding of the game. LoL is a MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The game and object of the game is very clear and simple. You pick a character, spawn with a few more people and attempt to take down the other teams turrets, then eventually their base. Sounds easy? WRONG! LoL is not a game you can just hop into all willy nilly and expect to be good at or have fun! You will die,  A LOT, and people will hate you for the stupid mistakes you make! It will take you forever to learn a character, and then when you finally have him/her figured out the game will take him/her from you and say “Learn one of these handful of characters for the next week now”! I’m not saying that LoL is a bad game at all. It can be a great game if you are good, have the right friends, lots of free time, can ignore the community, and are willing to puke up a metric shit ton of your money.

2 thoughts on “League of Legends game review”

  1. Fair review for your first time trying League, I felt the same exact when I played DotA for the first time around 10 years ago. This first time experience you had is true of the entire genre rather than just League of Legends. I have known Dota 2, Smite, Heroes of Newerth and of course League of Legends to have sour communities, particularly when dealing with new players. There are shining moments for the genre when you get that rare match where your whole team is supportive.


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