I’m going to be very honest. I am terrible at League of Legends, just absolutely awful. I have 1 character I am good at and 3 that I don’t completely suck at, but I have an understanding of the game. LoL is a MOBA or Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. The game and object of the game is very clear and simple. You pick a character, spawn with a few more people and attempt to take down the other teams turrets, then eventually their base. Sounds easy? WRONG! LoL is not a game you can just hop into all willy nilly and expect to be good at or have fun! You will die,  A LOT, and people will hate you for the stupid mistakes you make! It will take you forever to learn a character, and then when you finally have him/her figured out the game will take him/her from you and say “Learn one of these handful of characters for the next week now”! I’m not saying that LoL is a bad game at all. It can be a great game if you are good, have the right friends, lots of free time, can ignore the community, and are willing to puke up a metric shit ton of your money.