The reason that I am doing The Demonata series as one review instead of 10 is that I read this series as a child. I remember this series very well, and to this day it is one of my favorites, I just can’t remember one book from another. Which in my opinion is a good thing, it means that they flowed together well, which they definitely did! Anyway, I started reading this series back when I was in middle school and read it for years as the books came out. As strange as it may seem to me now, these books scared the shit shit out of me! Darren Shan writes scary kids books, and he is DAMN good at it! Demons that play chess for your life, babies with mouths on their hands, getting brutally tore apart by multiple wolfs in excruciating detail! Behind the gore and violence though was a fantastic story! The series centers around 3 protagonists/narrators from different time periods. They work to defeat Lord Loss and a mysterious being known as The Shadow from taking over the human world and destroying it with demons. There is so much to this series that I wish I could explain in a short period, but I will say what is important. The detail that is put into this plot with jumping around times, exploring different fleshed out worlds, and somehow meshing it all together perfectly is amazing. The violence and gore surprises me that these are marketed to kids, as you don’t see that in many adult books! I am tempted to go to my library and pick up book 1, and you should be too!