The original title for this piece of shit was “Cybernatural”… Holy shit, I didn’t think they could have made this any worse. It almost was. Unfriended follows a group of friends on Skype that are getting haunted by the cyber ghost (or some other stupid shit) of their old friend that committed suicide after an embarrassing video was put up. As you can probably tell, I thought this was a giant pile of horror garbage that put shame to other giant piles of horror garbage. What you need to understand is that I can’t handle anything scary. As a kid I couldn’t watch Harry Potter 2 if it was dark out. This movie didn’t scare me, it just bored the shit out of me and annoyed me. There are literal 10 minute periods with absolutely no talking, all you see is the main girl looking stuff up on the internet, or messaging her BF. These silences are unexplained too, the other characters have no reason to not talk to each other! Skype crackles and fades in and out, and looks like shit too. I understand that it does that in real life, but i can suspend my disbelief for a movie that doesn’t look like hell! On top of all that, these characters are awful, and most of them are all around terrible people, you root for the cyber-ghost-thing to kill them faster so you can just stop watching.