Daithi De Nogla music review


Though most commonly known for his gaming videos on Youtube, and being a member of the “Vanoss Crew”, Daithi De Nogla is a also a beautiful songwriter and musician. I discovered Nogla’s talent a while back while watching his gaming videos, I had stumbled upon his song “Your Love” and was instantly hooked. What I find very interesting about Nogla is that his normal talking voice is nothing like his singing voice. His talking voice has an extremely thick Irish accent and is almost humorous in the way he speaks. Though, when Nogla sings it is absolutely beautiful, I would put him with the likes if James Blunt and Jason Mraz. Not only for his beautiful voice and acoustic guitar, but also for the deep and emotional lyrics he writes. For slow jams, Nogla has become one of my favorites artists and I hope he continues.

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