Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose! Season to season I went through a love/hate relationship with Friday Night Lights… Season 1 was absolutely amazing, season 2 was absolute shit, season 3 was good, season 4 was great, and season 5 is hard to finish! Friday Night Lights follows Coach Taylor as he coaches football in Dillon Texas. You follow his life and the lives of many others in this town that relies on football. FNL suffers from many things that also make it great and unique. I have lots of good to say but I will get the bad out of the way first. It is a drama, but not just ANY drama, the most drama TV show of drama filled drama… I’m the type of person that loves the characters I watch, wants great things to happen to them and for them to succeed. Not in FNL! In FNL if something can go wrong it WILL! It sounds like I am bashing but I am really not, its part of what makes the show so intriguing and you coming back for more! From time to time, and by time to time I mean A LOT, you go from loving a character to wanting to punch them in the face (Example: Julie Taylor). The biggest downfall though, is the constant loss of main characters and adding of new. FNL is set in high school, so kids graduate. The problem with this though is that by season 5 FNL is not the show it started out as and we all fell in love with. None of our Panther friends are around any more, and it doesn’t feel right. Speaking of Panthers, I hate that by season 4 the writers made me hate those Panther bastards after I loved them! Now, on to the good… No show has more heart than FNL, you can feel for a character you have always hated or learn to hate your favorite character. Tim Riggins is a god sent down to earth to play football. The story lines are amazing (Except from Landry and Tyra in season 2). And, it has one of the best chants of all time! I know it sounds like I am hating on FNL, and if I am honest it could have been one of my favorite show but it ruined it for me. Just know going into it that season 1 is one of the best in television history, but it just goes downhill from there.