I have referenced in the past how much I dislike this movie, and how bad it is, well now you get the review for it! I should say though that it is not TERRIBLE, it is actually just not a good movie. What makes this so bad though is how much it had going for it! This movie has a stacked cast, an amazing location, good plot, proven writer/director, and one of my favorite trailers ever! This movie is so bad cause we all had our hopes up so high, to be dashed away by a movie that was used by the director to have a vacation in Hawaii! Some of the best actors I have ever seen are in this, giving B-rated, cringe worthy performances that they don’t give a shit about! The directing is sloppy and comical at times. Not a single damn thing Emma Stone says is believable, and she is just awkward! Also, she is NOT Hawaiian OR Asian (And what the hell kind of name is Ng?). The tiny twist-thing at the end with the kid is pointless. AND, there is ZERO chemistry between Emma and Bradley. On the upside though… I like John Krasinski… I realize this is more a rant than a review, but this movie just pissed me off.