You gotta give it this, it has one hell of an original plot. An old music manager discovers an amazing teenage Afghan girl singer while on tour and puts her in a singing competition. This movie excites me, its got heart, soul, and the comedy that Bill Murray needs to be doing again. It’s been too god damn long since I laughed at Bill Murray, and this looks perfect for him. Dry and witty! Not only that, but as this trailer rolled on more faces kept popping up! Zooey Deschanel plays an edgy singer (so her by the way). Bruce Willis pops up holding a big gun and being intimidating, probably some sort of military dude. Danny McBride shows up yelling and being very him, haven’t decided if I still find him annoying yet. Kat Hudson is swimming it some sort of hot get up. Again, no idea what she does, but I like it! Scott Caan just kind of stands in the background for a second… Either way, this looks fun, and with so many big stars you know they thought it would be too! I’m excited about this, I even laughed at the trailer, so I’m going to see it. You should too!