If you are a fan of Nick Offerman than 99 times out of 100 you are because of the great Ron Swanson. If you liked him enough, than you are familiar with his hilarious yet incredibly informative stand up routine. For the rare huge fans, you have even read his book “Paddle Your Own Canoe”. If you haven’t yet, I’m here to convince you to. Nick Offermans dry, witty, smart ass, straight to the point humor and story telling is what makes his stand up act so amazing. If you have not seen his stand up, just know that when creating Ron Swanson the writers borrow 99% of it from Offerman himself. In this hilarious book, written as if he were just talking to you, or on stage telling jokes, Offerman will teach you how to live deliciously. You will learn how to be a proper man, how to make love to your wife, how to properly cook meat, how to respect the quiet of fishing, and one of my personal favorites, “Instead of playing Draw Something, fucking draw something”. Nick Offerman will not sugar coat a damn thing, but he will make you laugh, and he will make you get off your ass and do everything you are capable of!