I don’t know how, and I don’t know why, but I have gone my entire life without seeing a Mission Impossible until this one. I regret it very much now. Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation follows Ethan Hunt and his merry men as he is hunted not only by the CIA, but the Syndicate, an international rogue organization. Mission Impossible is truly modern day Bond movies, in fact it is more like old fashioned James Bond than James bond is at this point! Luckily enough for me Rogue Nation stands on its own as a stand alone film just fine. My favorite part about this though is the chemistry… Yes, the action is balls to the wall awesome, but any movie can do that! Cruise, Renner, and Pegg take this movie above and beyond! Tom Cruise is still Tom Cruising all over the place, being Tom Cruise. Jeremy Renner is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors, adding is some quick whit and bad assery of his own nature. Simon Pegg obviously supplied a fair amount of comedic relief, but what I was surprised about is how believable of an agent he made. Sure, he was still dorky, but he was pulling off “secret agent” perfectly. Rebecca Ferguson plays the female lead in this, and steals the show. She is smart, sexy, and one hell of an actor. Throughout the movie I kept thinking “What the hell is she? Who the hell does she work for?!” That question kept rattling till the very end. She came out of nowhere. I am sad that it took me this long to see Mission Impossible, but you can bet your ass I’m going to watch them now!