Futurama TV show review


Spanning from 1999 to 2013, yet having only 7 seasons, Futurama defined itself as a classic. Futurama is about Phillip J Fry, a not-all-there pizza delivery boy that gets frozen for a thousand years in the year 1999. When Arriving to the future he becomes a delivery boy (much cooler in the future) for his many-greats-nephew, along with Bender (a robot), and Leela (a mutant). Futurama has been one of my favorite shows since I was a little kid and probably shouldn’t have been watching it. It’s jokes are solid, there are over arcing story lines, and what’s best is the writing and episodes are great! With literally no limits on the writers, given that they are writing the future, they can write whatever crazy shit they want! Want all of earth to fall in love with a giant space monster and live on it? Sure! Want there to be an amusement park on the moon? Why not?! Want a bunch of evil space worms to reenact Willy Wonka while making soft drinks? Go for it! Though, I will warn you, there is a catch to loving this show. Not all of it is good. In fact, a good portion of it is shit. Seasons 1-4 are gold, absolutely fantastic, but that is where it got cancelled. Season 5 is four movie length episodes that are near impossible to watch, I didn’t even crack a smile. Season 6 is where they start to get their groove back, and season 7 is back to gold… sadly that is where it got cancelled AGAIN… Either way, Futurama is a solid, hilarious show, with a strange amount of heart sometimes (dog episode). I highly recommend it.

3 thoughts on “Futurama TV show review”

  1. I recently bought the boxset of Futurama to flick through, having watched the series when I was a kid. I loved the immaturity as a kid, and the inside jokes even more as an adult! I agree with your blog so much haha.


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