So recently I did a review on Rogue Nation. I saw that movie directly after We Are Your Friends so that I could wash the shit of this movie off of me. We Are Your Friends follows Zac Efron as a DJ. He lives in the valley of LA and according to him that makes his life SOOOOO bad. He is friends with the 3 most annoying people, that are horrible friends. Cole (Zac Efron) befriends a well known older DJ that teaches him the ropes. Cole, being the stand up dude that he is decides, “Man, this dude is super awesome and is taking me under his wing… I should probably develop a strange relationship with his girlfriend behind his back…”. The rest of the movie goes exactly how you think it will, except when it doesn’t. There is a weird out of place tragedy towards the end of the movie that just gets swept under the rug and forgotten about. It’s basically there so that Cole can have more inspiration to make shitty music. Oh, and for being a music movie the music is shitty as hell and boring at it’s best. There are weird out of place narrations, and a cartoon scene that makes zero sense… The best part of this movie is the guy that Efron screws over, and they want you to root for Efron! Don’t see this movie. See literally any other movie. Stay at home and stare at the wall while listening to shitty DJ music instead even.