I’m a big fan of the GTA series, I’ve been playing them since the third one as a little kid. I even got to play the overhead GTA 2 on the Play Station at one point! For a long time San Andreas was my favorite one, nothing could touch the story line and game play… until GTA 5. Grand Theft Auto 5 is all about money. More money, LESS problems in this game. You can play as 3 characters that you are able to switch between. Micheal, an ex bank robber put into witness protection who isn’t handling it well. Franklin, a young man born into the life of crime trying to get out. Trevor, a fucking crazy ass psychopath (my personal favorite). As with any GTA game, it’s open world, but the world on this one is HUGE. You can wander for hours, never once actually doing the story yet having the time of your life… What sets this game apart from the others in a huge way is heists. Throughout the game you meet other people with special skills. Every single mission you do leads up to another big heist, gathering objects you need. It really creates a linear game play. Whether you are running around and shooting people in the face, or actually doing missions, you won’t be able to put this game down!