Ok, first off… How fucking reddonculous is that movie poster?! Like, seriously. Anyway, I’m stoked for this movie. Sure, not all of it looks like it will be that funny. In fact, parts look downright stupid in the trailer alone. BUT, it also looks hilarious as hell is some parts, and I’m a sucker for buddy comedies and Seth Rogen. Even if this movie falls flat, you know that you will laugh at least a little. The cast they have in this is amazing. Rogen and Levit were amazing in 50/50 together, and adding in Mackie can only make it better! The girl comedians in this are top notch, and according to IMDB tons of other big names make cameos. Last but not least, I just love that thing they did with the piano in the beginning. That was cool as hell. I love Seth Rogen comedies, so I know I’m going to like this.