I love action comedies, it is my favorite genre of movie. The problem with that though is that movies generally lean towards one or the other, having one genre always be overshadowed… American Ultra does not have that problem! American Ultra follows Jesse Eisenberg as a sleeper agent for the CIA that became a complete stoner. He lives with his stoner girlfriend, played by Kristen Stewart, in a very small town. When attempted to be activated before taken out he remains under and begins killing tons of agents sent to kill him. This movie is full of plot twists! I’m not even exaggerating. Watching the trailer this movie seemed like a nice little movie to kill a couple hours, not terrible… It is so much more than that. It actually has a well thought out and constructed story, with twists and deepness. And I know this is going to be controversial, but I am really growing to like Kristen Stewart. Sure I hate her mouth breathing days as much as the next guy, but she is really coming into her own! Jesse Eisenberg proves again that a stoner role is his perfect role, yet also is believable as a bad ass! You need to watch this, I’m serious. You will laugh, be on the edge of your seat, and get goosebumps all at the same time.