I’m not one to stick my nose up at chick flicks at all. In fact, I love the Princess Diaries movies, and those are the most chick flick movies ever. Recently I was bored and couldn’t figure out what to watch. Legally Blonde was on my watch list, a friend of mine wanted me to watch it, and I love Reese Witherspoon. I gave in, and I’m happy I did! Legally Blonde follows Elle. Elle is a preppy, girly, sorority girl with perfect grades. When her boyfriend breaks up with her and goes to Harvard, she herself goes to Harvard to win him back and is outcast from the other law students. She then has to win a big case for an ex sorority sister. This movie is hilarious. They go above and beyond with Elle and the girlishness that defines her. She has a pen with a pink feather, and fuzzy pink phone, a chihuahua she always carries with her. But it’s awesome because she stick to herself, and kicks ass in law school! I have seen the end speech she gives in school, on YouTube, in projects… it’s everywhere! It is a beautiful and powerful speech. Though Legally blonde is a fun, care free movie. It is in fact really uplifting and has a good message. It is a great movie and I am really hoping the sequel is not complete shit!