Video Game High School is a little bit different than other TV shows… It’s on YouTube. It started out as a few funny, goofy, 10 minute episodes. It has a “cult” following now. Video Game High School is just obscenely awesome. Like a nerdy Hogwarts. A wet dream for gamers. A futuristic utopia wrapped up in one of the most addicting and surprisingly amazing shows I have ever seen!.. So, anyway! VGHS follows Brian D as he gets recruited to go to Video Game High School on a FPS scholarship after killing their varsity captain (in game). VGHS is set in the near future where instead of sports being the big IT, its video games. Racing, Shooting, Fighting, RPG, and so on! “But B! Isn’t it boring just watching these people play games?” No! Sit down and shut up! IT IS AWESOME! Why? Because they are geniuses and make it that they are actually IN the game! So you are watching a battle, or a drift race, or two wizards just fucking dueling! It is just insanely cool! What is even cooler? Harley Morenstein is the principal! Who is Harley Morenstein? The funny guy from Epic Meal Time with the majestic beard, that’s who! He is maybe the funniest person in this, and later just a complete bad ass. Oh! and the thing about the later parts of this show, is it gets super real! The episodes become 30 minutes to an hour, and it actually turns into a drama comedy! Their is literally an episode where one of the characters parents dies! The episode is about them coming to terms with it and learning to live life without that parent. The acting is phenomenal, and it could be on cable television. GOOD cable television! Somehow this small 3 season YouTube show gets big names such as Cynthia Watros, Nathan Kress, Stan Lee, and Joel McHale! You need to watch this NOW. It’s addictive from the start! Stop watching Supernatural, or Friends for the 1000th time, go watch this!