At the time of its release Black Ops seamed like nothing more than a rushed release CoD while we wait for MW3. In a way, it was true at first, but to this day it is my favorite CoD Game. This is usually the part where I describe the plot of the game, but lets be honest, it’s CoD. The maps are different, the guns are different, and it is set in the Cold War. But, that is what makes it my favorite (besides the fact that I kick ass at this game). Every game that followed Black Ops (except Ghost, but Ghost was shit) was set in the future, and felt more like a sci-fi war game. I missed the days where we played in a real war in the past, with a little bit older weapons. Sure, it wasn’t that long ago, but this gave me nostalgia for the original games I played on my Game Cube and PS2. Until they get out of this weird phase of doing shitty futuristic games, Black Ops will easily be my favorite CoD game.