I didn’t do a review of Maze Runner when it first came out, mainly because my site didn’t exist. If I had though you would know that I was thoroughly unimpressed and went into this thinking it would be shit. The ONLY reason I went is because I wanted to get out of the house for a bit. I gave it a day to think on it, to see if my expectations were just so low they couldn’t get any lower, or if it was true. Well, it is true… This movie is fucking awesome! Yes, it is arguably a little too long, but that’s OK, I didn’t really want it to end! So, anyway, The Scorch Trials follows the same group of teens that escaped the maze. Except now those teens need to escape a facility that is run by wicked trying to extract something from the blood to stop the… well the zombie apocalypse basically. That’s honestly what this movie is, a zombie movie with some government rebellions like every other YA-Dystopian-Movie-Adapataion. BUT, I happen to like that gimmick, so it’s OK! Speaking of gimmick, there is no maze in this. I know that sounds bad, but that is fantastic! I loved their whole glade/Lord of the Flies like stuff, but if I had to watch 2 back to back movies of that maze bullshit it’d drive me crazy. (This movie isn’t trying to be Hunger Games thank god). Peter Baelish was in this by the way, creepy as Peter Baelish ever was. Halfway through the movie though is where the cast stars to get stacked! Giancarlo Esposito (cool name by the way) plays the perfect character of bad ass, crazy, smart guy. Alan Tudyk comes in with a tiny role that you just have to see! But the show stealer was a girl named Brenda, played by Rosa Salazar. She is just awesome, I’ve already used bad ass in this review, but she is bad ass, and hot as hell in the weirdest way… She has a small “romance” per say with Thomas and I’m totally rooting for them. The action spread out through the move keeps you on the edge of your seat, the zombie-fuckers jump scare you a lot with suspense build up, the teens actually have great personalities and you like them (especially Newt and Minho), and the scenery is beautiful! You don’t need anymore (and I’ve probably forgot some) but there is! Even though you see the end twist from a mile away, it is OK because I finally have a reason to hate this person I’ve hated since the beginning! Right now is a weird time for movies. End of the summer and not quite holiday season yet, so finding good movies is difficult. This will save you.