Transformers: Age of Extinction movie review


There are two things that I am not afraid to admit about the Transformers series. 1. I am a fanboy and when I was younger Transformers was my favorite movie for a very long time. 2. This movie is a giant steaming pile of fucking shit. Not just shit, FUCKING shit. I’m serious. I am very pissed because I loved 1, 2 was terrible, 3 was good again, but this… What the hell happened? The beginning was solid! Mark Wahlberg is always awesome. The girl was hot. TJ Miller was hilarious. The story seemed like a solid enough of a platform… but then it when on for what seemed like 6 hours. Introducing the stupidest robots in the whole world. A boyfriend that you want to punch in the throat. I could rant for days and days. Why was that robot fat? Why did he have a metal cigar? Why was Bumblebee basically a child? WHY WAS THIS MOVIE MADE? YOU RUINED THE DINOBOTS YOU BASTARDS!!!

9 thoughts on “Transformers: Age of Extinction movie review”

  1. I turn 62 on December.

    I watched the TV series with my boys. Bought all the toys. Took the boys to the original animated movie. Own the movie in several formats. Own the soundtrack. “You’ve got the touch” is awesome.

    Never saw the remakes. I don’t regret it. Your review reconfirms my decision.


  2. For some reason, I went into the theater with some hopes for this film. No clue why but I did and that was a huge mistake. This was absolutely dreadful. The film really only needed to be about 20 minutes long to accomplish the amount of development it had. Too bad because with Wahlberg and a clean slate, it could have been pretty good. If you haven’t yet, watch the youtube videos CinemaSIns did on everything wrong with this film. He tears it apart beautifully.


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