At this point I think my opinion of The Big Bang Theory is a pretty popular one, but when I first said it everyone thought it was an outrage! The Big Bang Theory is about 4 nerdy guys that work at Cal Tech, and the pretty/stupid girl that moves in next door. As the show progresses (and I use that word loosely), 2 more girls are introduced into the show, each with their own stereotype. Now, it is going to sound like I am shitting on the show, and I am, but I don’t want to. There are episodes of this show that I love, I own a few seasons, and even now it draws out a laugh once in a while. BUT THAT’S NOT GOOD ENOUGH. TBBT has 8 seasons, and is so far approved for 10, and it hardly ever makes me laugh now. The characters haven’t progressed or had any significant arc in years, and its become a joke of itself. I myself am a nerd, and when TBBT first came out I loved that people got a glimpse into nerd culture and life. Now, 5 years after I stopped liking it, it’s just a way for people to point at the screen and laugh at nerds. The Big Bang Theory use to be an amazing show, now its a mockery of itself and has better ratings than ever.

(This is a scheduled post. I am at Army BMT and AIT until 02/24/16.Until I’m back posts will be periodic)