I’m a big fan of Jesse Eisenberg, he just plays the best kind of ass hole in my opinion. The Social Network (in my opinion they should have took their own advice and dropped the “the”) revolves around Mark Zuckerberg and the rise and making of Facebook. We all know Facebook, we all hate Facebook, but we can’t seem to get off of it, this shows how that came to be. The Social Network came out during a time when tons of really shitty biography movies were coming out, and all people wanted was a good one, one they could relate to. In my opinion that is where this movie hit the gold mine and it’s massive success! Because who the hell is not on Facebook these days?! No one, that’s who! I am by no means saying that this movie is bad, it is great. Seeing Zuckerberg be an asshole, yet somehow root for him is great. Justin Timberlake and Andrew Garfield are great, obviously. I am NOT saying this is bad. I am merely saying that it could have been shit and we all would have eaten it up at the time.

(This is a scheduled post. I am at Army BMT and AIT until 02/24/16.Until I’m back posts will be twice a week.)