Oh god… what can I say about this song. I will start out by saying that A7X is one of my favorite bands, and The Rev (RIP) will always be my all time favorite drummer. He in fact has some really cool lyrics in this! So, on to this one hell of a fucked up song. Which, at the same time is weirdly sweet in a psychopathic kind of way. But, love is love is love! A Little Piece of Heaven is about a guy that is so in love with his girlfriend that he kills her out of fear of losing her and to keep her young forever. After sleeping with her as a corpse many times, her soul repossess her body. She then proceeds to do the same acts to the man. They then spend eternity trying to make it up to each other and killing people. Supremely fucked up, but this song is still completely awesome! This song involves every member doing a little bit of singing, and though the story is fucked up the singing IS quite beautiful. With the addition of Juliette Commagere singing the part of the girl I truly believe this is the best sounding and well rounded A7X song out there.