Whiplash movie review


Read the poster directly above this. All of that is true. Every last word of it, true. Whiplash follows Andrew, an aspiring jazz drummer that is selected to be in an elite group of musicians at a school. His instructor, Fletcher, is probably the biggest hard ass, abusive dick in the entire world. I have been a drummer for a decade now, so that is what attracted me to this movie, that is not why I love this movie. I love this movie because it is a brilliant, dramatic ride with some of the best acting I have ever seen. What is most astounding IS the actors. JK Simmons is the scariest man I have ever seen in this movie, he makes you want to curl up and die. It is suspected that a student of his killed himself because of him, and you believe it. Before this Simmons was “The dick news guy from Spiderman” or “That guy from those commercials”. Miles teller does some of the best acting he will ever do in this. Before this he was “The cowboy in the Footloose remake we all hate” or “The dick friend in 21 and over”. What they did with this movie is astounding and it is a must see.

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    1. I was drawn to it being a drummer, but a comment a friend made about it “seeming like an older movie” is very nice. It’s completely dialogue and actor driven. Takes the actors to a level I never knew they had.

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