I should have reviewed Alone a long time ago, but at the time of writing this I needed to schedule some reviews to post in my absence (because I love this stupid review site of mine)… So, anybody that knows me knows that I think of myself as a survivor, a woodsman of the north, and a lover of nature… Well this show put me in my fucking place for sure. I don’t normally watch survivor shows because they are fake as hell. You know the second that camera turns off they are having a burger with their 3 camera men! This show though… Oh my god… I was positive someone was going to get eaten! 10 men are put on Vancouver island completely separate from each other with camera equipment. They need to out stay every other man on that island, while still staying alive and avoiding the harsh weather and MANY wild animals. Watching these men is incredible. Some people stay a mere days while others thrive and stay months building entire camps, canoes, and guitars! This show truly puts a tole on these men, and it is truly inspiring to see another human do these things.