Before I say anything about this trailer, I have to say that I really hate all the shit people are giving De Niro for doing this role. He has his awards, he has proven that he is one of the greats, let the guy have some fun! AS for fun though, this movie looks like a blast! I love Efron, and he has mastered the party-boy role for movies. And as we saw from the movie Last Vegas, De Niro can cut loose. The addition of Aubrey Plaza is amazing too. Everyone has at least the smallest crush on that woman. Now I’m not stupid, this has every potential to be stupid. Hell, they could have put the ONLY funny parts in the trailer. But, the way I look at it is that De Niro wouldn’t have signed up for this if it wasn’t worth being in. I also think that Efron is wanting a redemption from his shitty DJ movie. I wouldn’t see this in theaters, but I’ll definitely watch it once I can rent it!