Guardians of the Galaxy movie review


I’m going to keep this brief because everybody knows how fucking (even a pg 13 movie gets one F-bomb) spectacular this movie is, and we have all watched it a thousand times. If you are the one person in the world that has not, than you are in luck! I am about to convince you to watch this before you can say PrattPrattPratt! Guardians of the Galaxy follows Peter Quill, AKA Starlord, to recover the infinity orb and save the galaxy from a big blue bad guy and alien Amy Pond. Accompanying him are a tree, a raccoon, and two psychotic alien assassins! Not convinced yet? This movie has the best soundtrack out of any movie ever. I am Groot. The action lives up to any Marvel movie you have ever seen, with the comedy still being top notch. I am Groot. Chris Pratt came into this being the fat funny guy in everything and is now a sex symbol. I am Groot. Plus, this movie is a quote spewing machine! Convinced yet? Good.

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