At first I was very hesitant to watch The Boondocks. When a large group of my friends and I sat down to watch TV though there was a vote on what to watch and Boondocks won. So, I was forced to watch it, and I god damn love this show now. The Boondocks is about two young black kids that move in with their grandpa to a rich neighborhood. Shenanigans and racism ensue! When I say racism, I just mean a ridiculous amount of hilarious racism! The voice actors they have, and guests that come in for this is great too! What is surprising to me though is the big issues this show generally touches on. One episode could be about spray painting on walls. Another episode could be about the racism and oppression that is still everywhere. The animation style early on kind of annoyed me, but it grew in to itself. The best part about this show though is the top notch soundtrack and score. I even have the soundtrack on my Spotify… Anyway, to wrap up… Hilarious, racist, good music, real issues, watch it.