So The Decemberists are my all time favorite band. I realize that I have said for months and months that I won’t review anything that is a favorite, but fuck that rule! I first discovered The Decemberists from Parks and Recreation season 6 finale when they preformed The Crane Wife 3 at the unity concert. I heard that song and thought that the singers voice was absolutely beautiful and that the acoustic folk sound was so unique to them. You know what they say about folk music? If it was never new, and never gets old. It is a folk song. Every song by them is relaxing, yet moving. The music brings me back, and makes me want to go for a drive and contemplate life. I know it sounds cheesy, and it is. But that’s what they are going for, and they do it perfectly. For musicians too, they are fun to cover. The speed and melody is nice, yet fun to play. Last but not least I can’t get over their singers voice and the backing of the woman’s vocals… so beautiful.