Dexter is the show that sucked me in and got me more addicted than any other show ever has and probably ever will. Dexter follows Dexter Morgan, a Sociopathic blood spatter analyst for the Miami PD. But, what people don’t know is that Dexter takes the law into his own hands and murders those who slip through the cracks… Dexter is a brilliant show. The whole series is from Dexter’s point of view, and you hear his inner sociopath monologue. Throughout the series it has its ups and downs, but its ups are HUGE. Season 4 is one of the best seasons of any TV show. Introducing John Lithgow as another serial killer that has been successful in not getting caught for decades. John Lithgow plays one of the best portrayals of a psychopath I have ever seen, if not the best. Watching Dexter’s struggle of revering him, yet wanting to kill him is amazing. Another high point that is a personal favorite is season 7, purely because of the perfect chemistry between Dexter and Lumen, played by Julia Stiles. That season made me watch almost everything she was ever in. This show is brilliant. It has arcs that span the entire series, character growth that is believable and puts everyone far from where they were in season 1… If I am being 100% honest with you though, I couldn’t bring myself to watch the series finale. I’ve heard it ruins the series, and I saw where it was going… I refused to have this amazing series ruined for me. It’s a must watch in my opinion.