So, I finished watching Aziz Ansari’s new show Master of None about 3 minutes prior to writing this review. Normally, I wait a couple days after watching something to let it settle and make sure that my response is appropriate… Well, I knew after the first few episodes what I thought of this show. It is absolutely brilliant, and VERY Aziz Ansari. Master Of None is about Dev. Dev is a 30 year old low level actor living in NYC, and is very unsure about where his life is going. Before I get into it I want to say that I didn’t recognize any actors (except a certain voice actor) in this other than Ansari, yet I loved all of them. Dev has a few very close friends, all of them with big personalities, and I think they were all so well done. Though Master of None is extremely funny with its patented Aziz humor of pauses and analyzing life and awkward situations, there is so much more to it. This show, in my opinion, is one of the deepest and most insightful shows I have ever seen. Aziz Ansari has been on a kick lately of analyzing life, romance, technology, and the changing in the ways of people. His last stand up act, his book, and now this show are testaments to how deep he has delved into this subject. As for the show, it is done better than I would have thought possible. Every episode deals with something that Aziz feels is a modern issue of society that has not been addressed. One deals with the treatment of the elderly, another with the uncertainty in relationships, and another with the general shittiness we as a society act towards each other. All the while though this show chugs along with a romantic story line more realistic than any other show has accomplished. From pilot to finale you see the full circle a modern relationship makes, spanning years of time. The show doesn’t pull any punches, it doesn’t censor itself, it stays true to life. And life has sex, arguments, drunken fiascoes, plan B pills, awkward moments, and racial issues. This show is amazing. It is as deep as it is funny. Not many shows can accomplish that. When a show does though, it keeps it original, and keeps it from being your average sitcom or drama, because it is neither. THAT is what makes a great show.