Why Ice Cube? Why? You have so much potential as an actor!.. How would I describe Torque? The Fast and The Furious meets Biker Boyz meets the shittiest B-movie you have ever seen. I watched this not too long ago and I am STRUGGLING to remember what the hell this is about. Not because I wasn’t paying attention, but because it was so all over the place and forgettable… So, let’s get down to it. Main biker dude, whose name is unimportant returns to his hometown after being run out by biker gang A. Main biker dude attempts to reunite with his girlfriend, whose name also doesn’t matter, in the process he gets framed for the murder of another biker dude who is a high ranking member of biker gang B. He then flees to the city with a couple other biker dudes, pursued by biker gang A and B. This movie is shit, I can’t express enough how shit it is. The least it could have done is attempt to be fun, but it couldn’t even give us the common decency. The only two redeeming parts are Adam Scott and a Dane Cook cameo (who I expect was paid more than everyone), at least they gave me a chuckle… It attempts to be The Fast and The Furious but falls short, way WAY short. The sad part is, is that it wants to be TFaTF SO bad that it steals almost every single cheesy one liners it can right out of the script yet executes them in the worst ways possible. This movie is shit and I hate it for making me lose 84 minutes of my life. I’d rather watch Die Hard 5.