Could they have made a better trailer for this? Answer: No, no they could not have! If it is not already obvious, I loved this trailer. Holy god damn shit did I love this trailer! “Oh, B, Why did you like the trailer for this likely forgettable Christmas horror movie so much?” I LIKED IT BECAUSE IT WAS AMAZING!!! Now that I got that that out of the way here is why it is so good. Krampus trailer starts out seeming like a Christmas comedy, the music is upbeat, the jokes are funny, and the actors support it. This movie has Adam Scott, David Koechner, and Conchatta Ferrell in it! How could I not think it was going to be funny?! Around a minute in though this trailer takes a hard, HARD turn it to horror. Now, if you aren’t familiar with Krampus, he is basically evil Santa. Once it turns into horror, you can tell this is going to be suspense driven. Suspense is what has been lacking from horror movies lately. I don’t want to see the monster right away, I want you to make me look over my shoulder and be tense! This movie looks like it provides that. I sincerely hope the movie runs along the same lines as this trailer and it wasn’t just top notch editing. If it does, I feel we have a real winner here.