Multiple things I need to say before I write this review. I don’t read a lot of informational books or non-fiction, but I’m starting to really enjoy ones written by comedians. I am a huge fan of Aziz Ansari to the point that I almost started doing stand up comedy reviews (and actually wrote one out) JUST so that I could review this mans brilliant stand up. So, to the book now! Modern Romance is a look at the changes in relationships, marriage, and dating life in past generations to the way it is now. It is brilliantly told in the voice of Aziz Ansari. And when I say his voice, I mean I read this in HIS voice. He writes this in the same tone he does stand up, adding little pictures and text screen captures for fun. Comedy books are often difficult because jokes need timing and tone. I don’t know what sets this apart, but it makes me audibly laugh for minutes straight while still dropping useful knowledge on my ass. The day I started reading this I began annoying my family and friends with random facts about relationships now and relationships back “then”. It makes me look at every day interactions different, especially when my phone and other technology is involved. This is truly a genius book, and the most hilarious book I have ever read! On a side note I have now read two books from the cast of Parks and Recreation, now on to Amy’s!