The Jim Gaffigan show stars Jim Gaffigan as himself, following the premise of his ACTUAL crazy life. Jim lives in a 2 bedroom apartment in NYC with his gorgeous wife and FIVE kids. I’m really happy but not surprised they made a show about this! Years ago when he was doing stand up and I heard him say he had a litter of kids in a 2 bedroom apartment I thought to myself, “Damn! That would make a great show!” Lo and behold, it makes a great show! So, I binge watched the entire season one in a single sitting the other day. I love Jim Gaffigan, he is one of my favorite comedians, and he does not disappoint in this! But, further than that the other characters are great in this show too! Ashley Williams (who you may recognize as Victoria from HIMYM) plays Jim’s wife, Jeanine, and the mother of his 5 kids. Micheal Ian Black plays Jeanine’s very gay best friend, and ex, that doesn’t get along with Jim. BUT, my very personal favorite is Jim’s best friend Dave, played by Adam Goldberg. What makes Dave so great is the fact that he and Jim are complete opposites. Dave is raunchy, a playboy, covered in tats, and fancies himself a bad-boy. Jim and Dave are best friends, and both have a little bit of jealousy towards the other. Its great, hilarious, and I fucking love it. Macaulay Culkin is in this too! But now in the way you think. Every now and then he shows up as a tiny cameo and the main characters are confused, wondering if it is him! Overall this is a hilarious show. It suffers from taking a lot of jokes straight out of Gaffigans stand up. But, who cares? It’s still funny.