I love a GOOD football movie, and I love a GOOD Adam Sandler movie. How those two got combined I have no Idea, so don’t ask. The Longest Yard follows Paul Crewe, an ex pro football player that threw games for money. Crewe gets sent to prison after stealing his girlfriends car and crashing it. He then gets sent to a Texas prison where he is assigned to put together a football team of prisoners to play the guards… This movie is awesome and hilarious. Yes, it is Adam Sandler so it has a good amount of really stupid jokes that he probably came up with on the spot. It also has an equal amount of GREAT jokes, awesome music, a kick-ass lineup of actors, AND some good football. This movie is full of moments that, I will not lie, made me go “Damn, that was awesome.” When Nelly runs down the field in slow motion, Sandler plays basketball, and the basketball team walks out on the field… all awesome as hell. And I promise you, you will laugh your ass off at this.