Big Hero 6 movie review


To anybody that reads my reviews, and has for a long time, you will know that I am a sucker for a good kids movie! Sometimes kids movies are more adult than they are kid, and I love that. Big Hero 6 follows Hiro, a super genius kid that perfects mind controlled Nanobots. After an explosion that kills his older brother someone takes his bots. He then needs to team up with his brothers friends to take him down. Oh, and I forgot to mention! His brother also left him Baymax, a SUPER AWESOME hilarious medical-pillow-man, and Hiro teaches him to kick ass! Sure this movie is pretty standard as animated movies and evil-fighting movies go. A band of misfits team up to beat some royal ass, and at some point there is a training montage. I will admit that Big Hero 6 is not AS deep as some kids movies, but it is very sad (which ones aren’t though?). I enjoyed it, and I will definitely  watch it again.

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