When I first saw the teaser for this I was excited. Then, over time a realization hit me that it was probably going to be shit… Well, the new trailer came out and all my fears for this movie are gone the way of the dodo bird! This trailer is hilarious, and perfect for Zoolander 2. If the movie truly goes in the direction of this trailer, and is this funny, it will go down in history along with the first one. Just as many quotable moments seem to come out of this too! Which is good, because I think people are starting to get annoyed at me telling them I can’t turn left, or yelling “Orange Mocha Frappucino!” at them… This movie looks truly star-studded as well. The premise of the movie is that someone is killing of all the beautiful people, so lots of celebrities have cameos. BUT, the two most exciting appearances in the trailer were Benedict Cumberbatch as that weird “All” model, and Will Ferrell returning as Mugatu! Now THAT, is exciting… What will make or break this movie is how they pull off the stupidity. That can be a dangerous game to play that the first one barely nailed. If you do it right, we laugh at the character and not cringe at the movie. Do it wrong and it is just embarrassing to watch… There is a million things I could say about this trailer, but long winded reviews are not my style. So… I can’t wait to see Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson together again. I can’t wait to see all the stupid cameos. I just hope they don’t make it so stupid it’s cringe-worthy.