the ride aint oer

I’m a huge fan of the Entourage TV show. Yes, I fully support that it is Sex and the City for guys, 100%. Is that necessarily a bad thing? No! We deserve meaningless fun where we can hope for what they have too! But, I’m not talking about the show today, I’m talking about the movie. This movie is the perfect Entourage movie. Nobody that likes Entourage liked the last season. So, what does this show do? It gets rid of the last season except for the awesome stuff like Turtle being rich as hell! This movie is the finale the show deserved! In a way though, that is one of it’ downfalls. It doesn’t really feel like a movie ever, more like a long episode. One other downfall (and the only other one I can think of) is it felt rushed towards the end. Ten minutes before the credits I felt like there was another thirty minutes of story. Besides that though, I love this movie! Every character got their moment and it was never really JUST focused on Vince, which is good cause I like everyone else more than him. The Turtle-Ronda Rousey story line was great. Arie Gold shined like a magnificent fucking light in this, and perfectly showed why he was back in the business… Every character had their own moment, lots of characters came back for a second, yet it stands on it’s own. Even if you haven’t seen the show, watch this.

P.S. I want to watch the movie they make in this as much as I want to see James Cameron’s Aquaman.