OK, so, I’m attempting to write this review without being too harsh on this movie. Because truthfully it was not a terrible movie. It was a movie though that could have been much MUCH better than it is. That makes me very upset. The Night Before follows three life long friends on the last year of their 14 year tradition of partying their asses off on Christmas eve. This movie had so much potential behind it, and the concept was great. Rogan, Gordon-Levitt, and Mackie are all great actors but this movie fell short for me. The movie was way too jumpy, the editing was all fucked up. Though the jokes were OK there was one every two seconds and it just didn’t have the build up it needed. It felt like it tried too hard. BUT, I said this movie wasn’t terrible, and it’s not. Seth Rogans wife was hilarious in this and seemed very him. The scene with the dick pictures and Rogan’s inner monologue was BRILLIANT and had me rolling. The Jewish gag throughout was good. The piano/montage scene was pretty epic. Micheal Shannon was great in this too, but had a weird ending that I hated… Those things though don’t make up for this movie. It was barely over an hour and a half but felt far too long.