You can’t get mad at a kids movie for not catering to adults more, because that’s not what it is for. Yet, here I am, mad because it didn’t cater to me as much as I’ve come to expect from kids movies. That’s not to say I didn’t laugh a lot though! So Hotel Transylvania 2 picks up a little bit after 1 let off, at Johnathan and Mavis’s wedding (FYI I needed to go to IMDB to remember their names). Then after what I can only imagine as a Twilight-style bang session, only gender swapped, Ms. Vampire gets pregnant. It is at this point that the MASSIVE metaphor for racism and acceptance starts. The baby is feared to not be a monster and Mavis and Johnathan then have to decide if they move to California because he is not as accepted for being a human. Yet, Mavis is not as accepted in California for not being human despite there being lots of “mixed” couples around. It really is extraordinary the huge amount of racial acceptance messages they put in this. Elsewhere in the movie Dracula is trying to teach Dennis (the kid who is now 4) how to become a vampire even though monsters have mellowed out since his time… Despite all the blatant underlying messages and horrible humor for kids I still enjoyed this film. Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally were complete show stealers in this for me, playing basically themselves but animated. Long story short, I enjoyed this movie. Not enough to watch it again, and not enough to be in my top 10 animated movies. But, it was a good sequel for the kids.