Fear 3 game review


To anybody that has been reading my reviews for a while, you know that I scare far too easily. Well, Fear 3 was the PERFECT game for me. Not only was I able to play with a buddy, but it creates its horror in the perfect way! Fear 3 is definitely not a perfect game, but it is a beautifully designed game. The replay value of this game is very VERY high. Even though you know exactly when the scary shit is going to happen you catch something new and creepy every time you replay the level. Even though you have a gun, when you walk into a dark room with a flickering light, and hear noises all around you are still quite nervous. I realize this is a short review but there isn’t much to say. Fear 3 is a pretty standard game, there is nothing quite special about the mechanics or story line, yet it is beautiful and immersive.

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