South Park is one of my favorite TV shows for multiple reasons. It is one of the biggest, and in my opinion best animated shows for adults out there. The characters are great, and we all have our favorite. We always look forward to the Kenny death, and it is going to be around forever making us laugh. But, over the years South Park has grown and become much more than just knee-slap, bowel-movement-jokes comedy. Yes, I realize it still has some of that, but sometimes that can be hilarious! There is an episode where Cartman shoves a bunch of burgers down his pants to make delicious “ass-burgers”, and another where he shits on his mom while playing World Of Warcraft! Which, brings me to my next point about why this show is the shit (see what I did there?).  It touches on real life issues, without worrying about who it is going to offend. Not many people think of South Park as dealing with social issues, but I argue that it does it better than most, as surprisingly fast too! One episode will mock Black Friday, and George RR Martins obsession with penis’s. The next will tackle “The Passion of the Christ”, and then the capture of Saddam Hussein! That, though, is what makes South Park so hilarious. It is SO real. It doesn’t pull punches, it doesn’t worry about backlash, and it doesn’t care about your feelings! If it wants to make fun of Scientology, and a dozen celebrities all at the same time, it’s going to fucking do it!