I love this movie. Don’t misquote me! Please. I’m by no means saying this is a GOOD movie. Sharknado is a shit movie, but I still love it. Sharknado is exactly what it sounds like. It revolves around Fin Shepard and a few other people as they try to get to his family in time before the SHARKNADO gets them. Now, if you are unfamiliar with this advanced scientific term, A sharknado is a tornado that has sharks in them. Generally, said sharks are very angry and aim for humans whenever possible. Weirdly enough, they look fake and CGIish, but that is just another one of sciences unsolved mysteries I guess. The reason I love this movie is because it is hilarious, but not even on purpose. It’s hilarious because it takes itself so seriously, even when a man is jumping through a shark and cutting him in half with a chainsaw from the inside. This movie is just like”Oh, wasn’t that cool guys? Now, lets go kill those tornadoes with bombs thrown from a helicopter. Super realistic right?!”And I LOVE that! You can zone out and watch this, have it on in the background, I don’t care because its shitty, but you need to watch it at least once.